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thats no moon

Well it is actually. PixelMoon is the name of a virtual moonbase made by the members of the PixelDam community. It's the first new area for PixelDammers to explore, and, if all goes well, there are many more to come! PixelMoon has a couple rules that work a bit different from PixelDam.

1// Register your account

Make sure you have registered your profile in the mobile app.

We will connect your project to your account.

how to start


On the Lunar surface you will notice the landing zones. There are seven zones across the moon and you need to specify in which zone you want to land your project.

3// Create your project

When you have downloaded the template file, you can start pixeling.

Here are a few building regulations concerning your future project detailed below.

Original pixelart

DO NOT use any material from other people's projects. Copying will not be tolerated. Original pixelart only!

Original pixelart

DO NOT use any material from other people's projects. Copying will not be tolerated. Original pixelart only!

moon base regulations
Pixelated Hand Cursor

What to build

You can build any object like: a military moon base, secret alien base, space Lego vehicles, Star Craft bases, subsurface restaurants, NASA landers, etc. Think of PixelMoon as space Legos. You have big and small vehicles and buildings. Remember, you can make what ever is (seriously) needed for a colony on the Moon.

You are free to use the moon surface tile for blending parts with your project. You can find these on the Resource page (see link below).

How does it fit?

The image you send will be transposed in a layer on top of the surface. DO NOT insert the surface tile, only parts of the surface that blend into your project, e.g. a crater. With a transparent black in the PNG file you can cast a drop shadow on the surface.


You are allowed to use animated gif's as long as you use it tastefully. Use it for sliding doors, elevators, moving people, etc. Not flashing signs or wild stuff.

Colours & shadows

You can use as many colours as you like. However, true pixelartists pride themselves in a limited amount.

Try to keep the position of the sun and the cast shadows similar to the rest of the Moon. It makes for a more cohesive ensemble.


Feel free to use and modify the pixel people on the resource page, kindly donated by BlinkOnce. You of course need to dress them appropriately for the Moon!

Within these boundries, let your creativity fly! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

4// Project finished?

Incredible work! Please email

your finished project(s) to us.

In your email, please provide us with

the following information:

  • Your username
  • The project's title
  • Landing Zone and location: e.g. Yellow Zone - south west


When you land your project successfully on PixelMoon your have become a StarGazer.

This is a prestigious membership of the StarGazers PixelDam Orbital Telescope (S.P.O.T.) society.

Keep in mind

  • We will not hold any block in advance.
  • We DO NOT accept Work-In-Progress projects.
  • We reserve the right to locate a block elsewhere if we feel it fits better there.
  • The email address you use, will be used to send the acceptation result and optionally updates and other important info. We do not spam.
  • If you fail to comply with any of the regulations stated above the PixelDam City Administration reserves the right to refuse your project.

Add your country's flag

Once your project is landed on PixelMoon you can let us add your country's flag to the PixelMoon homepage in case that flag isn't already there yet. Use the blank flag template from the downloads section on the Resource kit page (see link below).

Modify your information

  • Once your projects is added to the city, you are free to modify your personal information and that of your project
become a stargazer
claim your zone

Join our discord

If you have any questions, you are of course free to email us, but it's probably much more convenient and actually more fun to join our discord.

There you can chat with fellow builders, bounce ideas and pixels around and get into the feel of the community! Please feel free to join and ask for help there.

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