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PixelDam Resource kit

To get you started on the right track you can use the following resources. Please read through these notes and check the downloads at the bottom.

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun. Got stuck?

Ask for help in the tips-and-tricks over on Discord.

Block template

This template will help you to make sure your building will fit nicely:

When you send us your project don’t include anything from the template.

Keep the background completely transparent and remove all artefacts (half / non-transparent pixels).

Keep the size of the file at 541px * 375px and make sure the building is in the right spot.


If you have trouble creating pixel people, you can use these in your project, but do try to customise them and make them fit into your project (kindly donated by BlinkOnce):


PixelDam resources

Block templates (.png, .gif, .psd)

Streets pack (.gif)

People (.gif)

PixelMoon resources

Flag & moon surface tile (.gif)