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PixelDam is the name of a virtual city made by the members of the PixelDam community. The word "dam" is a tradition where Dutch cities are build near a river dam. Like, for example, Amsterdam. The name is a combination of our Dutch origins and the unending possibilities of the pixel world.

Build along within our PixelDam community and add your own creations!

After submitting your creation, a quality check will be done by the PixelDam Government to make sure your building fits in the city and then... you are in! Join our Discord if you are interested in becoming a builder!

to the moon

and back

Colonize the moon with us!

Did you know there is not only a PixelDam city.. but there's also an actual moon base where you can add your sci fi inspired creations?

take the yellow submarine

Dreaming of building your own Atlantis?

Word is there might also be plans for an underwater city when PixelDam has been flooded with buildings.. Jules Verne would be awash with excitement!

coming soon mark stamp

PixelDam is born in 2003, original as a website. After being dormant for many years because of the limitations of web, it has now been rebirthed in the form of an app. Instead of endlessly scrolling social media, create your own gorgeous buildings and add features to an ever evolving world.

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Want to know more about PixelDam? Want to bounce ideas, ask questions or share your brilliance? Shoot us a note at:

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