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  1. Good job! Nice shading on the windows and lovely on the inside. I don’t particularly like the name, you should’ve thought of something else. The outside is pretty boring, but the textures on all the walls fit well into the idea of the block. Since it is uneventful, and a bit small, you should’ve created a two-block project instead. It would take a longer time, yes but it would receive better results – the inside is too small and it isn’t like many people would jump off a diving board into a recreational pool. You should have included a spa maybe, a separate diving board and pool, and a deep pool with lanes, as well as a changing room.. To do that, you would need at least two blocks. I would like a look inside, too, but of course that’s up to you. The people swimming inside isn’t very good, and the water isn’t also. You should consult some tutorials maybe on the water. Change the name and update the outdoor area, you could make this expert if you tried a little bit harder.

    I’m going to give it a 3, because I can see you have tried pretty hard and you deserve commendation. Next time, though, if you improve it, you could get a 5. The only problem is that it just isn’t detailed enough – hence the above comments I made.

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