4 Replies to “PixelDam Delivery Service

  1. This block is soooo good. Those three main colors: sand, blue and red work so good together. Your shading is close to perfection!
    That forklift *must* be the cutest pixeled vehicle I’ve seen ^_^

  2. Yeah, I’m calling to place an order… umm… Could I get a truckload of *** awesome? Yeah? Ok.
    The roof, textures, forklift, etc are so sweet. Great scene

  3. Damn. I like that! The Texture on the ground is very good, like some parts are stained black and stuff. I was trying to make an effective forklifter once, it took 2 weeks and then i deleted it because it was embarrisingly crap. But yours is so simple, but so good. Well Done! 5

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