6 Replies to “Downunder

  1. As a proud Australian, I have to commend your work. Very well done, but there should have been a little more colour in the block, it is a BBQ 😉

    Also, the animation should have a few more frames so the figures don’t look as if they’re jolting.

    You still deserve a 4, however, a great block!

  2. I agree Ephialtes, but why are they purple? It’s a nice scene, and a perfect beach home. My only gripe is with the inside objects, namely that wardrobe, which doesn’t really fit in with the style.

  3. i like it a lot! its such a nice house by the sea…
    and i agree with jalonso, that green on the umbrella really ‘hides’ it in the scene.

  4. This block has grown on me, I did not like it at first because the umbrella has such an obvious wrong color but I’ve changed my mind this block is a great seaside scene with all the right elements. Dsign the umbrella should be red or orange?!

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