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  1. I love my music, mainly classical. I play the violin, hence what I said earlier. That’s why I want to talk about this block. It is surprising that there are no comments, because there is a lot to say for a block like this:

    #1: The sign isn’t much good, I think it’s too line-ish and boring. The colour of the sign isn’t overly appealing, but you can get by on that. The other two signs, the “Sale” sign and the other one on the right corner of the block are similar, but they are not bad.

    #2: The people are OK – I like the stereotype you have given the the one on the left. They don’t seem to be doing much though. Either staring at a guitar, or just standing there.

    #3: There is hardly a scene. It is very still-standing and fairly boring, I must admit. There is not enough flavour and character in anything, thus makes it boring.

    #4: The car park is also very line-ish. I don’t understand why there are only 2 parking spaces, you were forced to limit yourself because of the unbalance that you chose to initiate when creating the block. I doubt you planned this much; and yet planning is a necessity in the drawing of pixel art.

    #5: The inside of the shop is practically non-existent, other than the people and the guitars, and that weird thing behind the centred guy which I cannot comprehend. You should have worked a little bit more on the inside, that would be impressive. See how your inside doesn’t have much perspective? The set of drums is tiny, and the guitars are as big as the people.

    #6: I am not to fond of the roof. I like the birds, and their freeze-framed movement, but I however do not like the fact that you copied one electricity box (which serves no real purpose) and pasted it into a place where it serves no purpose yet again.

    #7: You may not be very capable of it, but I would have liked to see some animation. Even with under 3 frames, it would’ve boosted my impression on this block.

    #8: The colour is unoriginal. Hence my previous statement of the block being really quite boring.

    #9: In making pixel art like this, as far as isometric blocks go, you need to have everything serve a purpose, and make everything to scale so there is a perspective.

    #10: You have cut corners in many places, most likely to cut back on the time it takes to make a block as simple as this. Patience is, of course, one of the most vital traits in the creation of pixel art.

    So, after stating the many, many things I have to discuss with you, I hope I have made my point and I also hope that you’re next block (if you are to make one) follows pixel art etiquette and that it can be as attractive as possible to receive a higher rating than this one.

    Speaking of ratings, out of 5, I think I will give this a 2, which is only slightly lenient, because of the facts and opinions I have cited above. Also, seeing as how this is your first block at PixelDam, and you are an amateur, (and there is nothing wrong with that) I will be slightly lenient. If you had more than one block, and this wasn’t your first, I would probably give it a 1. But, for now, my vote stands as a 2.

    If you are to make another block for PixelDam, I will wish you luck and hope that you can oust the previous one – this one – the “Music Store”.

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