7 Replies to “Down Town Transferium

  1. Fantastic! Trains being a hobby of mine, I’m definitely a fan of this work, but even if it weren’t, I would still love this.

  2. Man, this piece is one of my favorites so far.
    Especially the train is awesome.

    But after so much years, I wonder why the pavement around the deadend doesn’t fit to the sidewalk of the district.
    And there is a minimal grafical error next to the lower middle tree when the train leaves.

    But all in all this one is great and I hope to one day make another station for the PixelDam transportaion network.

  3. I cant believe no one has commented on this one yet… I think its really good because you have so much to look at, its all happening. But what happened to that hedge on the far right?! You may want to revise it…

    1. Yeah you’re right. One of these days I want to do some serious make-over pixeling on both blocks. Lot of work though, to remake the animation.

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