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  1. I was a disappointed to see the footpaths, or sidewalks, have a huge contrast. The block all looks a bit unreal, you should make it seem old and Egyptian-ish. You should also not copy everything. The sizes are all the same and they’re perfect pyramids – but in reality that’s not what the pyramids look like. Your trees are all the same, and so are thos things with the striped covers over them – not sure what they’re doing there. And, even though the pond in the oasis isn’t overtly visible, you should work on that some more to make the water get some nice texture. The whole scene is very boring, and there’s not much to look at.

    My advice:
    – Don’t rush a pixel art project. Patience is a virtue. The longer you work and clean it up the better it will look in the end, and all the work will be worth it. A pixel art project is never too perfect, and even if you’re satisfied with it, see what you can add.\r\n\r\n- Look at images of real Egyptian pyramids for reference so you can give your block the right feel and not make everything seem so artificial.

    – Get a bit more going on and use up all of that empty space on the block.\r\n\r\n-Don’t copy one object and duplicate it and place it all over the block, otherwise it just looks repetitive and unimpressive.

    – Use the block you’re going to build on and use it as a template so you can fit it to size and use the right footpath, etc.

    – Texture, man! Texture! The pyramids are looking…OK… but add texture!

    You did well eliminating the black outlines, I’ll give you that, but you should focus on all aspects of perfection. Just keep trying.
    I’m going to give this project a 1, because I think there’s a huge improvement to be made and I think you’re capable of it.

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