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PixelDam project


Harriet's Home
Created by:
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain
Sandy Bay [159.37]
Thursday June 12, 2008
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Harriet decided to leave her busy Downtown home for the peaceful serenity of nearby Sandy Bay. She chose a quiet spot, near the beach, and next to some, bearable, neighbours and decided to build her home there.

This is my first real go at Pixel art, and my first submission to PixelDam, and though I am quite proud of it, I realise it has a lot of improvements left to be made.



I love the concept of the house, with different roofs and blocks. Extra points for the water effect, well done (although I wouldn't swim there hehe).
I just miss some texture, it would really add realism to the drawing.
SuperuserLandlordStarGazer celinho
That's a pretty nice house you made! Pool looks pretty cool too.

I agree with Celinho about the textures. Why is the chimney the only part of the house with brick texture?

Also, you have a pretty good contrast going on with the roof (the shaded parts left-face vs lighted parts right-face). You should add more contrast to the wall faces too.
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
i rated you five.

but only because im kind :D
Tourist Abby
don't rate anything a 5 until you look at jalonso, daporta, or celihno. anyways...

The way to solve the roof problem is to draw a line straight up the middle of the building and once you get that line to the correct height, you connect the end to the sides of the building.

the arch on the door can be made by drawing a circle in ms paint, then selecting it, and skewing it by 27 or -27 depending on which direction it is facing. then clean it up a little. thats how ive always done arches. see my bridge.

i would also use 2 shades of green for the ivy. at least.

water's good. i hate drawing water.

edges are too high luminosity.

sorry if that was too much critique.

CitizenBuilder Toshio
Thanks Toshio, but the roof problem has been resolved in a new version of the project I'm currently doing. I was pretty happy with the arch myself, since it's not really a very important part of the piece.
The ivy contains three shades of ivy by the way, you should have looked closer! :)
Thanks, I liked the water too, I don't know what luminosity is, but thanks for commenting on it!
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain
@Toshio: nahhh mine are like 4, jalonso, miascugh would be 5 hehe
@Master: I think that if you picked a less saturated tone for the ivy (and the palm tree, to get the same green tones) it would look more natural. What Toshio meant by the high luminosity is that you've used white in the inner lines of the house. You could instead pick a lighter tone of cream (walls) or blue (windows) for that, it will then have less contrast.

Also, if the light source of the entire scene comes from the right, then there is no point in having the right shadow of the butler, just mantain the left one. I personally would just do a circle next to him to be his shadow, but that (of course!) is up to you :)
SuperuserLandlordStarGazer celinho
the ivy "appears" to be only made of one color. one shouldn't have to look closely to see detail like that. i would make one shade brighter and another one darker to make it stand out more. but thats just me.

im looking forward to the new version!!
CitizenBuilder Toshio
If this is your first "real" attempt, then it's damn good!
Tourist PrettyAsAPixel
@PrettyAsAPixel - This is my first 'real' attempt, glad you like it. ;)
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain
I agree with PrettyAsAPixel
Tourist Bassjokey
Very nice! Right now, I'm making my house too.(Psst... Hint, the front doors is Very Resiatant if you know what I mean.)
Tourist Supzer