Saturday August 17, 2019
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PixelDam project


Dunas Hotel
Created by:
SuperuserLandlord daporta
Neon Islands [129.95]
Tuesday May 27, 2008
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(daporta has not added a description)



My favorite kind of pixelart. Detailed yet pixelly.
My only crit is the umbrellas. The dithering is not really needed there and that they too are blue makes things blend in too much. Some red from the striped roof or even the peach color from the sign would have added more a dynamic feel to the scene.
CitizenTycoon jalonso
I really like the colour scheme you've used for this piece. I think the water could have been done a bit better, and the square roof section looks like it was taken from your other beach project.
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain
This building really has your signature to it. I like the colors and the architecture is very good. The sign with the lighthouse is an awesome detail.

As for constructive comment, I would improve the roof over the entrance (the pyramid shaped roof with the glass). I looks funny, can't really say why.
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
That cream tone you used on the walls should be renamed "daporta beige" hehe its quite a signature.
I agree with Barry on the pyramid, and here's my suggestion: as I did in the Colonial block's roof, I suggest you leave only the vertical line. This way, the pyramid will be slightly higher and with proped lighting and shading could look more geometrically accurate. And about the umbrellas, I agree with jalonso, and I also suggest you use a light blue tone on the inside lines of it, to give that high relief (?) feel.

I like how I can always tell a project is yours just by looking at it, it's something I don't believe my projects have :-

Good job :)
SuperuserLandlordStarGazer celinho