Monday July 22, 2019
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PXD celebrates 12th anniversary

The past few years have been slow and dormant in this wonderful community. That's about to change.

But first let me thank all you wonderful pixel artists that have been dedicated and committed to pushing pixels and sending my you hard labour of love. Without you this would be one empty city and hollow community. Just for that you deserve my time and reciprocity.

Change is coming... voxels are the new pixels :p


Congratulation! I am really impressed by your dedication. Not only but mainly because of the host this side is running. Many would have quited when the rates were low and only a few or no one were visiting this site! When I found this page in January this year I knew I wanted to be part of this and was scared to see how long this was running and how little was updated in the last 4 years but as if you have seen me constantly checking your website you made a blog post about how you want this thing to be running again! I was and am so glad that you are just as much in love with this as I am! Thank you very much for that!
I am really looking forward to your new page and am a little bit confused and scared about voxels xD
CitizenTycoon Nonoko

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