Sunday August 18, 2019
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The Change log

Since PixelDam v3 we introduced a version number to keep track of all the changes we implement. The current version of this community and its release date is stated in the browser's title bar.

The change log is to provide our visitors and members with more information about the bugs we find and solve, the features we have in store and which we have added. You can find a link to the change log in the footer of almost every page.

In the change log you can find two sections:

The version change log
The change log is a list of every change we made to the community, in which version it occurred and when it was released.

The know issues and planned features list
This lists the bugs we know of and when we plan on solving them. If we think of something cool to add, we will also mention it in this list and indicate when it is planned to be added. The version number in this list is a reference to indicate when we ran into a bug or planned a new feature.

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