Sunday August 18, 2019
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Happy New Year To PixelDam

Happy new year!
First, we want to thank everybody that kept the faith and gave their support during a long period of development, rework and most of all patience.
But hey, we're pixel artists; we are required to have loads of patience. How else could you make a drawing pixel-by-pixel?

Bringing down the previous version of PixelDam was not a happy moment, but it marked the need for change. User management and clearing reserved blocks for people that never came back was too much work. We could've made spiffy scripts and mailer apps for it.. I know. However, this didn't fix the real problem: the lack of community support.
This new version is a solid foundation for future community utilities such as a forum and, if needed, messaging. This and more will be implemented as soon as possible.

We hope that this website will bring even more fun to the pixel community and that it will inspire young and not so young to create wonderful pixel scenes.

Happy 2005 and good luck from the PixelDam City Administration!


Happy 2005 to you too!!! And the new site is great. People just need to clean up our old submissions because most of us have old sidewalks somewhere in our old pieces, and they show up over new, awsome sidewalks.
CitizenBuilderStarGazer darkstar33066
Happy new year to all.
Hooray! Hooray! Pixeldam is back. :-)
I am so happy. Just need to update some of my project so the new (and great looking - I might say) sidewalks and roads do'nt interfere with my old sidewalks and roads.
SuperuserConstructorStarGazer haki

Yep updating the sidewalks in my own blocks is a 2do as well. As expected MultiVitamin had them updated before the end of the day.... I hate the fact my time is so limited.
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
woot woot! new sidewlaks is the pwn juice
CitizenBuilderStarGazer MPaonessa

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