Wednesday August 21, 2019
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Time for an update: No. 1

PixelDam is shrouded in silence, but for a reason. PixelDam v3 is being created in full throttle.

v3 will be a major step forward community wise. Also, PixelMoon project owners will be given an account and their project will be subject to commenting and rating.
Both PixelDam and PixelMoon projects will also be subject to automatic ranking based on the ratings they've received.

Status quo (finished):
- migrated to new MySQL DB
- free user registration
- blogging and user messaging
- fully skinnable front end (CSS)
- Help and FAQ
- New city-wide map

Preview screenshots will follow soon :)

We have received a few great new projects which will be added and revealed with the launch of v3.

Almost there peeps.


CitizenTycoon jalonso

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