Wednesday August 21, 2019
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PixelDam 4 years old!

Time flies while having fun pixeling, blogging, programming, updating, chatting, gaming, partying and time to time chilling...

FOUR years... In retrospect I must admit I never dreamed of PixelDam having this much visitors and projects. Not in my wildest dreams.
However, here we are with 214 citizens, 350 blocks and an average of 500K hits each year. With another 139 projects on PixelMoon by 90 pixelers.

Whats for the future?
Oh, if you could peek inside my brain... I have so many plans for this community and so little time *cries*.
Instead of me telling you what I would like to add, please tell me what you want to see added/fixed first. Hell, give your favorite mayor your whole wish list. This will no doubt help me improve this community step by step.

For now.. champaign!! Here's toasting to another four years of PixelDam.

A big thanx to:
Zoggles, Celinho, MultiVitamin, haki, anton, daporta, jalonso, DSign, miascugh and zoanoid for helping me in the past years.


Four years is a good achievement. I hope that in the future it will be more popular than now.
CitizenConstructor vanmall
Happy birthday Pixeldam!!!

Well done Barry!! It was a great initiative to begin with and you've lived up to the challenge by continuously improving the concept.

Having the time to work on it has been your biggest challenge throughout, but, knowing your offline life, I think that you did a great job despite that. ;-)

Have a pixel on me!!

CitizenBuilder Dsign
Four years.. I can't believe its been that long already.

Oh well.. a night to celebrate indeed as its also the 4 year anniversary of the establishment of the Olde White Harte Inn - which I believe will be offering a free drink for every patron tonight in honour of the occasion.

Big thanks to Barry for constantly improving this site and keeping it all functioning smoothly, and of course to everyone else who has submitted blocks to it, hell.. without everyone's contributions the site wouldn't be what it is now.

CitizenBuilder Zoggles
Pixeldam remains my favorite website, no lie. I spend hours and hours and even days at a time off-line thinking of ideas to make and submit.
CitizenTycoon jalonso
Happy birthday PixelDam !!!!
And a big Thanks to Barry that makes it possible.
This city is the best City on the net....for shure
SuperuserLandlord daporta

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