Monday August 19, 2019
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City updated.

This update Sunny Heights and Lake Sunrise prove to be popular locations as other hoods are getting crowded.

Harlem Hills has one remaining spot left, and as the oldest hood in PixelDam, is soon to follow Down Town; the first full hood.

Please welcome the new citizens and embrace them with our PixelDam love :)


Welcome neighbors. Some good blocks included in this update.
CitizenTycoon jalonso
Weee, Im new here. :D I love this place. I hope that it would be more popular in future.
CitizenConstructor vanmall
Nice update!!! welcome to knew neighbors!!!
Hey Barry...some problem with the position of "Ghostbuster’s Firehouse" for some reason is out of place...check it please. :)
SuperuserLandlord daporta
Checked and fixed :)

My bad :/
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam

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