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Planet Of Internet: Under new management [upd]

It seems that Planet of Internet has changed ownership and management.
An unknown company called Pixoftware LTD sent us several emails to cease accusing them of copyrights violation.

From: Planet Of Internet Info Team []
Sent: maandag 27 november 2006 11:08
Subject: Hello, About Planet Of Internet


We want to inform you that, our all advertisers advertisement contracts finished.

Please check planet of internet web site. We removed your all buildings, all images.

We want to inform you, you can now remove us from your website.

Also, you need to write to everywhere where you send about us before. As you see we removed your images. Please clean Planet Of Internet domain name.

Thanks And Regards
Planet Of Internet

Today we received this email demanding we delete all forum postings and articles about the unlawfull acts of the site's previous owner.

From: Planet Of Internet []
Sent: zaterdag 16 december 2006 2:30
Subject: Urgent (Planet Of Internet)


We saw that you still didn't delete this post:

Please delete it as quickly as possible.

Then write these forums that we do not brake your Copyright stuation.

Here are the some links:


Thanks for your cooperation.
Pixoftware Ltd.

In our response I wrote:

Hello anonymous,

We will not delete any posts. The fact that the website had stolen ALL it's images from our community is a fact and we will not change history. It happened and we will not deny it. I suggest that you post a reply on those forums stating that it was an unfortunate situation by the previous owners and that you would never commit such a violation. What I shall do for you to 'clean your name' is write an article on PixelDam that it is under new management and that you promise to not violate any copyrights in the future.

Good day to you sir.

Barry Rijkse
PixelDam Administrator

[update 16.dec.06]
We have a response:

2006/12/16, Planet Of Internet

As you see now, the planet of internet web site is clean. We removed
your all images. Because we don't need them. Our Isometric Pixel Art
Department create all images.

There isn't any illegal situation from our part. But if you do not
remove (delete or change) that post, you will create an illegal
situation. This is not our problem what happened in last time.

Is there any copyright violation now? The answer is exactly: NO

So if you want to create illegal situation, Do Not Delete, Change Or
Remove that post.

We will not send you any e-mail again. This is our last Warning.

Planet Of Internet is absolutely clean right now. So remove, delete,
change that post immediately.

Thanks And Regards.
Pixoftware Ltd.

And my reply to this 'last warning'

2006/12/16, PixelDam

Hello anonymous,

I feel silly having to exlpain this to you, but the specific post you are referring to is 'archived'. That means it is old news. There are no active nor current accusations from us that you are violating copyrights. Thus, there is no illegal situation on our behalf so stop whining about it.

If you read the 'active' news on our home page you will see a new post about your current situation and this conversation. But, alas, since you are all wound up about it, I will take the trouble to update the archived post, denounce the violation accusation and refer to the new article.

Best of wishes,

Barry Rijkse
PixelDam Administrator


The NERVE!!!! of that site shocks. Yeah it's supposedly new ownership but the new owners seem about as intelligent as the original owners. I think i speak for everyone when I say. Thanks for putting that guy in his place. If he doesn't like it maybe he shouldn't have purchases such a tainted domain.
CitizenBuilder TheFevaForTheFlava
Iím really shocked whit this peopleÖthey said at last that they removed all images because donít need it. Donít say that they removed because itís illegal and a copyright violation. And finally this totally crazy people accuse to us because we donít delete the comments in old forum postÖstupid people
SuperuserLandlord daporta
I posted this whole item over at PixelJoint where there is a running thread about this matter.

"Because we don't need them. Our Isometric Pixel Art Department create all images" - wtf

Maybe that's why that country is called Turkey 9.9
CitizenTycoon jalonso

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