Sunday August 18, 2019
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10 new projects, and more to come!

It has been a while, but we are cathing up with our project queue.
Ten fantastic new project have been added and in two weeks (after my needed vacation) the next ten will be added (promise!)

Please give these creators your comments and ratings as they have done their best, as you can see.


CitizenBuilder Oliver
Yeah, finally. And yours will be up after that holiday I mentioned :)
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
Great! :D

But is it really meant to be "esuoH rreH snaH" or "Hans Herr House"?
CitizenBuilder Oliver
I really enjoy this update!!! I can see some people that are developing some serious skills in ISO.....and jalonso did it again, the best of the best....
Enjoy your deserves vacations!!!!
SuperuserLandlord daporta
Great PD additions. Six more hoods to conquer XD
CitizenTycoon jalonso

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