Monday August 19, 2019
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Your art being stolen, and resold (updated dec 16)

I thought I had seen it all. Take a look at this:
The $#%@$@s had the nerve to take all your/our projects and use it for their commercial advantage.
They even used spam to get it to sell even better

I have sent their host in Turkey (Pusula Iletisim Bilisim Internet Ltd. an email that they have violated the copyrights to your work.

Update: July, 4th
After having faxed Google and their host a DMCA letter, still no repsonse from the host. They are a reseller of an american based hosting company They will be receiving this DMCA today too.

Update: August, 8
Many of the original blocks have disappeared. They are still on their server if you navigate to the image file directly :/
Still many of the original streets and my park is still there.
No word from the host yet
POI staff asked me to remove this post. I will comply when all images are gone and -not- altered/changed.

update: december 16
Planet of Internet is under new management and kindly yet passionately demands us to stop the accusations of the copyrights violation (read email conversation here).

b>We herewith declare Planet Of Internet free of violating copyrights


That is just stupid. I hope that they burn and die ;)
CitizenBuilder Joshua
That's so horrible. The ads aren't even pixelart. This is an ISOtastrophy. On another note, they didn't bother to take any of mine :':cry:
CitizenTycoon jalonso
that's pure bollocks! We should all get together and sue them
CitizenBuilder Pixelblink
Still no news from the hosting party.

It seems every artist/citizen should talk to them, send them an email and demand that your buildings are taken off the site. MrHaki was succesful so far.

At the moment we're setting up a DMCA letter for the host and for Google Inc to stop this.
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
Yeah, this is really cheap.

At first I thought that it would be another project similar to this one, but then I noticed some tiles from my "neighbourhood" (gladly not mine, or else I would have already contacted thos looters).
CitizenBuilder Astartus
Hey Barry, seems that they did take some of the artworks from the site, but not all of them. If the do not end this soon, I will consign my laywer with this matter.

We will bring these bastards down for good!
CitizenConstructor multiVitamin

Yeah, I saw they are changing the block, not mking new ones. That still isn't the way to go. Celinho also wrote them a few email demaning the our block be removed, not mutated.
Fortunately we have the (copyright) law on our side :)
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam

Today have seen many of the buildings are disappeared and also mine. Can it be considered a step ahead?
CitizenConstructorStarGazer deThch
... Did anybody see if they stole my building before they started takins stuff off??
CitizenBuilder TheFevaForTheFlava
You can also see that their sidewalks are not adapted with the projects that include another sidewalk design...

So they didn' t even try to do a clean job... that's pure dirty stealing, and what for?
Tourist Galdar
The mutated building are still there -_-
CitizenBuilder Oliver
man. those bastards
CitizenBuilderStarGazer darkstar33066

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