Sunday August 18, 2019
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The changes of PixelDam. What and why?

During 2003 PixelDam grew beyond our wildest dreams. From day one, May 28th many people flocked to the site... reserving blocks upon availability. This became a serious problem as we had not provided for a good clearing mechanism.
When artists entered more and more projects, the need for a good user/projects overview became evident, as the artists wanted to manage their information and project descriptions also.
This rework of the website provides these and other community needs.

Some of the old concepts have disappeared, giving the administration the desired less day-to-day operations and the visitors available blocks around the clock:

1. No more WIP
From now one we will no longer allow works-in-progress, but finished projects ONLY. When a project is subject to quality improving alterations, you are very welcome to send us the updated project.

2. No reservations
A user can no longer reserve a block. Avery block in the city has an address. When holding the mouse over the center of the block, it will reveal the address as a 3 digit number. For more information read the construction instructions page.

3. Quality
If we want to at least maintain the number of visitors to this community, we must uphold a certain level of quality. A large number of projects are no longer in the city as they did not meet the desired level of quality, or were a WIP.
If you can not find your block, or you are not listed as a citizen, you now know why. We will not re-insert the project, unless it has been finished or improved.

New features:
1. Citizen information
Every citizen now has his/her own page where a limited set of personal information is shared. It also lists all the projects created by this citizen.

2. Project information
Every project has its own information page with the (new) option to provide a description

3. Rating
All citizens can rate each other's project. This rating determines the overall rating of the neighborhood and this lists the neighborhood higher on the overview on the main page.
More about these ratings will be revealed in future affairs.

4. Browsing the 'hoods
To improve the browsing and navigation between the hoods, the link on the main page opens a pop-up with a top navigation bar of all the hoods in the city.

These changes were very much needed and will certainly benefit this community.

Future plans:
- Citizen forum
- PixelArt MasterClass
- City Council : Counselor Elections
- PixelDam merchandise
- Messaging

We wish all our fans and new visitors a merry stay in our beloved city of PixelDam.


NOTE: All the blocks that have been sent to us while the site was down, will be inserted in the next few days.

AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
This is cool, nice to see that alot of effort has been used to help navigate between the various areas. The personal page is a nice touch too. :)
CitizenBuilderStarGazer MattSmart
A belated congratulation on the launch of the new site! This is Very --very--nice.

CitizenBuilder TeijoRoka

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