Monday July 22, 2019
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Community News


TitleDate published
Nonoko earns Tycoon title
Nonoko becomes Landlord
PXD celebrates 12th anniversary
New site: update
Game 'Knight fall'
'Pixels' the movie!
Nonoko gives back to the community
More art, less blegh


TitleDate published
Happy 2012!!
Awesome animation by NASC
Great german article on iso pixelart
PixelDam 8 years old!
Facebook PixelDam page
Follow us on Twitter
PixelDam Updated! About time, right?


TitleDate published
Artist wanted for Isometric Pixel Art, Landscapes
Still alive


TitleDate published
WANTED: Pixel artist
Jalonso first tycoon in PixelDam
The Change log
PixelMoon v3 (a)live!
Houston, we have a problem
Bugs & fixes
Pixels in the city
Time for another update: no 2
Time for an update: No. 1
WANTED: Senior 2D Artist


TitleDate published
Merry Xmas and a happy 2008
City updated and Harlem Hills=FULL!
GIMP 2.4 Released
Junior 2D Game Artist - Wanted!
Tools of construction
New hosting provider
2D game artists wanted!
Down Town poster available.
PixelDam 4 years old!
City updated.
2D game artists wanted!
Spring is in the air...
Down Town FULL!
New projects in. Jalonso rising in the ranks


TitleDate published
Merry XMas and a Happy Newyear
Planet Of Internet: Under new management [upd]
PixelDam Job Agency Started
7 projects and 3 citizens added
New email
PixelDam team addition
9 projects and 5 new citizens added
Down Town almost full!
10 new projects, and more to come!
Happy birthday to meee :D
In other news:
PixelDam Job Agency
PxD v3
Your art being stolen, and resold (updated dec 16)
14 land on the Moon
New projects added to our city
Happy Newyear to everyone


TitleDate published
Stealing art
Fresh meat
Oompa Loompa's sighted in West End
PixelMoon updated
From Moulinsart to Cave people
PixelDam History Files | Part 1
Major update
Sunny Heights Gets Connected
PixelMoon updated
Resizeable Cityviewer
New account feature added
Happy New Year To PixelDam
The changes of PixelDam. What and why?

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