Monday July 22, 2019
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How to add your project!


Become a registered member (tourist) first

If you want to add a project to PixelMoon (or PixelDam) you must first register yourself.


When you land your project succesfully on PixelMoon your have become a StarGazer. This is a prestigious membership of the StarGazers PixelDam Orbital Telescope (S.P.O.T.) society.

Making your project

Here are a few regulations concerning your future project:
    What to build?
    You can make smaller objects such as vehicles, people, small structures, or bigger projects like space ports, launch pods and housing.
    Think of PixelMoon as space Legos. You have big and small vehicles and buildings. Remember, you can make what ever is (seriously) needed for a colony on the Moon.

    Add your country's flag
    Once your project is landed on PixelMoon you can let us add your flag to the PixelMoon image at the top (if it isn't there yet).

    You can use this tile as a basis for your moon project, but don't include it.
    Please do not exceed the file size limt of 50 kb.
    DO NOT include any background -solid or textured-, Just leave it transparent (.gif or .png only)
    The scale and isometrics are similar to PixelDam.

    You are allowed to use animated gif's as long as you use it tastefully. Use it for sliding doors, elevators, moving people, etc. Not flashing signs or wild stuff.

    Original pixelart
    Do not use any material from other people's projects. Copying will not be tolerated. Original pixelart only!

    Project size
    Keep your (animated) gif file size under 50kb. Larger images will most likely not be used, unless it's of godlike quality.

Project finished?

Please email your finished project(s) to:

In your email you are required to mention the following:
  • Your Username

  • The project's title

  • Landing Zone (color)

Keep in mind:

- We DO NOT accept Work-In-Progress projects.
- We reserve the right to locate a project elsewhere if we feel it fits better there.
- The email address you use, will be used to send the acceptation result and optionally updates and other important info. We do not spam.
- If you fail to comply with any of the previous regulations the PixelMoon Administration reserves the right to refuse your project.

Modify your information

When you log in you are free to modify your personal information and that of your project.


If you have any questions regarding these instructions please look at the FAQs or email them to if the FAQs don't provide the answer.

Instruction summary

  • 1. Register yourself

  • 2. Determine your Landing Zone

  • 3. Study the regulations mentioned on this page and do your best to make the best.

  • 4. Pixel like crazy!
    Get this moon tile as a basis for your moon project (DO NOT include)

  • 5. Submit your project
    Email your project to:
    Mention your nickname, project's title and Landing Zone.