Wednesday August 21, 2019
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Why is my project not accepted?

It's very likely that projects are not accepted. This can be a big disappointment for you and we are truly sorry.

There are few reasons why we might refuse your project:

1. It's not pixel art
If you used techniques which are not considered pixel art we will refuse your project.
Examples of non allowed techniques are:
- line-tool,
- gradients,
- anti-aliasing (unless consciously and obviously applied manually),
- inserting images/photos

2. Unsuitable content
When you have pixeled something which is in any way not suitable, we will refuse your project. PixelDam welcomes visitors of all ages and thats why we consider the following not suitable:
- explicit sexual
- violent / bloody / gore
- racist
- offensive, distasteful, obscene or otherwise undesirable to view

3. You didn't make it, originally
If you have taken any pixel art without the permission of owner/copyright holder/creator your project will be refused. If this theft was not known to us when we approved it, we will remove it if we find out at a later moment.

4. Your (lack of) effort is not taking this community seriously
We strive to make this a community worth every visitor's valuable time to look at. We want our visitors to come back time and time again expecting to see great pixel art.

Always ask yourself if your project is worth looking at; have you invested a justifiable amount of time to make it your best? Is it worth our time adding it, rating it, commenting on it? If it is your absolute best, is pixel art the right choice of creative expression for you?

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