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What is PixelDam?

In short: PixelDam is the name of a virual city made by the members of the PixelDam community.

The first part of the name is easy: 'Pixel'. The visual objects of the city are formatted in isometric pixel art.
The latter part 'dam' is in tradition with dutch cities built near a river dam.
For instance, the city of Amsterdam (1275 AC) is built next to the river Amstel. The historical name was therefore Amstelredam which later became Amsterdam. Rotterdam (1260 AC) is near the Rotte and Schiedam (1250 AC) near the river Schie.

In 1242 Count Willem van Dam built the first settlements on the rich soil along Pixel Creek (river Pixel) in the coastal region of old Holland.
Fifty years later it was the third city to obtain city rights, giving the city wealth and prosperity. Breweries, weaveries, bleacheries and shipyards established themselves on the strategic location of this new city.

The riots of 1328
By the turn of the century PixelDam's number of residents had expanded to more than 1,500. The square near the old church had become an important marketplace for local traders and merchants to do business. All this economical and political growth also attracted crime and prostitution.
These days marked the first downfall of PixelDam. The leaders of the city tried hard to keep the rich families investing in the city and to keep the mischievous scum outside the gates of PixelDam. In 1328 an angry mob of peasants and residents occupied the cityhall and executed the council on the marketsquare. High taxes and monetairy politics of the council had driven the people to despair.

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