Wednesday August 21, 2019
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How to add your project!

Become a registered member (tourist) first

If you want to add a project to PixelDam (or PixelMoon) you must first register yourself.

PixelDam Address Number (P.A.N.)

PixelDam For Sale signIn PixelDam City you will find many 'For Sale' signs on empty blocks. This spot can be yours!
When you hold your mouse over the center it will reveal the Name of the neighborhood and the PixelDam Address Number (P.A.N.)
For instance '114.53' means 'row 114 column 53'

Making your project

When you have downloaded this template file (zip) you can start pixeling. Here are a few regulations concerning your future project:
    What to build?
    You can build any object like a hospital, boat, police station, apartment building, windmill or a farm (specially typical dutch architecture is appreciated, but certainly not a must!).
    If you like to build a larger project than one block you are allowed up to 4 blocks per project.
    You are free to use the street and crossing images. Just right-click on the street you need, save it to your disk and use it in your project.
    NOTE: Every hood has different streets and crossings! Use the right elements for your desired hood.

    How does it fit?
    The image you send will be transposed in a layer on top of the road grid. DO NOT insert the sidewalks, unless you reveal shadow cast on them by your building. Only insert items or objects that should be placed upon the sidewalk/street.

    You are allowed to use animated gif's as long as you use it tastefully. Use it for sliding doors, elevators, moving people, etc. Not flashing signs or wild stuff.

    Original pixelart
    Do not use any material from other people's projects. Copying will not be tolerated. Original pixelart only!

    Project size
    Keep your (animated) gif file size under 50kb. Larger images will most likely not be used, unless it's of godlike quality.

Project finished?

Please email your finished project(s) to:

In your email you are required to mention the following:
  • Your Username

  • The project's title

  • PixelDam Address Number (PAN) (eg. 16.31)

  • Additional PANs (at least 2 incase the one you would like has been occupied in the mean time)

Keep in mind:

- We will not hold any block in advance.
- We DO NOT accept Work-In-Progress projects.
- We reserve the right to locate a block elsewhere if we feel it fits better there.
- The email address you use, will be used to send the acceptation result and optionally updates and other important info. We do not spam.
- If you fail to comply with any of the previous regulations the PixelDam City Administration reserves the right to refuse your project.

Modify your information

When you log in you are free to modify your personal information and that of your project.

Block template

Template file (zip). This zip contains a Photoshop file, a GIMP file and a gif.


If you have any questions regarding these instructions please look at the FAQs or email them to if the FAQs don't provide the answer.

Instruction summary

  • 1. Register yourself

  • 2. Find a spot
    Look in your favorite hood for any For Sale signs.

  • 3. Get the PAN
    The center of the available block reveals this number. Mention this number when you submit your project.

  • 4. Pixel like crazy!
    Get the template file and study the regulations mentioned on this page and do your best to make the best.

  • 5. Submit your project
    Email your project to:
    Mention your nickname, project's title, PAN and additonal PANs.