Wednesday August 21, 2019
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Newbie, addicted already

I thought I'd do a Blog as I just signed up today.

So far I'm pretty new to this Pixel art thing, having only just noticed it about 3 days ago. I've started my first project to figure out what my style or technique maybe, so I'm doing a bit of a made up as I went along block for the pixel dam city. So far its taken about 8 hours and it's not finished yet - but it should be done by this evening. I'm using photoshop 6, but I don't think it's ideal so I might try and find a different package.

I have some big ideas for projects, but I need to get an idea of my aspirations vs. my ability first.. so I guess we'll see.



CitizenBuilder Matski


Photoshop is just fine for pixelart. You will have to adjust the settings for it tho.
No auto anti-alias and only use the pencil tool and the bucket fill. NO OTHER TOOL! has plenty of tutorials and general pixelart help, along with a resource of how to set up Photoshop. These are both in the gallery and the forum so look around for both.

Its also a great place to show your updates in case you make some horrid anti-pixelart mistake. I suppose you could also use your blog as a WIP thread, dunno?

Take it easy at first and remember that the key to pixelart is patience.

Welcome :)

ps: now head over to my project blocks and rate my crappy art.
CitizenTycoon jalonso
LOL @ jalonso.

Hi Mat, welcome to PixelDam.

I'm very curious to your current project (and its progress) and your ideas for others. You are very welcome to use your blog to provide us insight into both :D

Remember: have patience and allow your project to consume time. If you invest time in making it, we will invest time in rating, commenting and viewing it ;)
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
Okay so I didn't finish it last night as hoped but as a WIP this is what it looks like..

Bare in mind this is my first ever pixel art, and when I started it I didn't know what it was going to be or how it was going to look.

It needs alot more detailing to give it character, but I'm fairly happy with it so far.
CitizenBuilder Matski
Also for the record, I'm colour blind(deficient), so glaring mistakes in tone changes are to be expected!
CitizenBuilder Matski
Color are fine :)
The layout and scene is awesome and you are doing great!!!

See this for my take

You must focus on color unification. The less colors you use the better it will look.
You now have over 256 because your tools and prefs in Photoshop are not correct.

All tools MUST be set to ZERO tolerance and no auro anti-alias. Hardcore opaque pixels.
Also make sure your lines are clean and isometric, you have been sloppy in places. are doing awesome.

ps: If you distrust your color sense for whatever reason use reference materials and other images.
If it looks right to you for your project then borrow them. There is no such thing as copyrighted color palettes. Don't let pixelartists and especially dollers to tell you otherwise.
Just in case I'm wrong I claim all the blues in the universe and nobody else may use them :)
CitizenTycoon jalonso
"Take it easy at first and remember that the key to pixelart is patience." - 70% :)

read some tutorials for lines and for colours - remember contrast is important for pixelworks and try to use limited colours - result will be better...

wish you success :)
CitizenBuilderStarGazer zi
Thanks for the comments :)

jalonso.. yeah when I started it I focused too much just on making one bit look quite real so I'd used bags of colours before I'd even done the outline.. trying to cut it down abit now, it's coming on though...

hope it's okay to use IMG tags?

Still got lots to add and a fair bit of tidying up to do.
CitizenBuilder Matski
Dude, for a 1st pixelart you're doing pretty well!! My 1st pixelart was way crappier than this. hehe I like how you have already added texture to the walls and floor. The metallic roof of the garage is looking awesome, the texture is fantastic!!

A few ideas, comments and so (based on my drawing process and shallow experience):
- Where it is now, the sign would not be too visible from the sidewalk, have you considered moving it to the dark grey office? I think it would look more realistic.
- Try avoiding black outlines, and instead use dark tones of the filling color of the object you're drawing, that will give a more realistic feel
- Adding more people to the scene gives life to it
- Leave the shadowing for last, as it will depend on how the final piece looks like. I usually go for high contrast, using dark shadows, because I feel it gives a more realistic look to the scene, but that is really personal. Pixelblink uses little shadow, Jalonso uses more, there is no rule for that.
I'm happy to see a really good project coming up!
SuperuserLandlordStarGazer celinho
@celinho: okay, by "my 1st pixelart was way crappier than this" i meant "my 1st pixelart was really awful, that is way better than my 1st". (I was reading my post now and realised it 'souded' odd)
SuperuserLandlordStarGazer celinho
LOL @ celinho.

matski said:hope it's okay to use IMG tags?

Yep, as long as it does not screw up the website (mainly width issues)

Progress is looking good :)
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
Okay so I got it done in the end. It's okay, I'm happy enough with it as a first project, it just wasnt that well thought out in the first place, I need to plan the pallette better next time, and take more time, I rushed alot of this and then ending up re-doing it anyway. But my aim with this was just to check out what my style and techniques might be.

Thanks for the comments and pointers. :) I need to give the next project abit more thought now.
CitizenBuilder Matski

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