Wednesday August 21, 2019
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New project: Lakeview Airport

As the Mayor of this vibrant city I am responsible for providing the necessary services, support and provisions.

I've decided this city needs a view important connections, ports if you will. In my very rare off line moments, I've made a concept for Lakeview Airport.

A 5 block project with
- a passenger arrivals/departures terminal,
- maintenance hangar,
- two-way runway,
- office center,
- control tower,
- underground parking and
- private plane tarmac.

AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam


I love this idea. I was thinking of creating an airport, since I found that PixelDam doesn't have one, but your plans blow mine out of the water.
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain
i never thought of an pixeldam airport. so are you going to make it? if so, when will it take off?
CitizenBuilder Toshio
Toshio said:so are you going to make it? if so, when will it take off?

Yep, I'm really going to make this. I am planning to start the Harbour in the coming week. I can not yet tell you when I can start the airport. I will need my time to start developing the pixeldam game B) shhhhhh
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
CitizenBuilder Toshio
Pixeldam game? You made me curious! I feel so out of touch, I have to read all the blog entries but I always think there can't be anything relevant in them when they are from before 2011 O.O
CitizenTycoon Nonoko

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