Wednesday August 21, 2019
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New shoes

With V3 being a few days old, I'm experiencing the same feelings as when buying new shoes. They feel awkward at first. I wonder if I bought the right size. After a few times walking on them, however, I can say I'm pleased with the purchase or not.

With PixelDam V3 I can safely say I'm happy about it. I satisfied with the sections, colors and layout. Still needs tweaking, but the foundation is good. This is strange for me, though. I'm hardly ever satisfied with my own work as most web designers or artists for that matter.

I can seriously imagine you have ideas about improvements for this community. Please let me know what you like and/or dislike. I can't promise to honor your suggestions and ideas, but I always take them serious.

For now I'm focusing on getting PixelMoon up and running.


AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam


It would be great if, for the 'search project', you could add the different building types (eg. residential) so that we may be able to find the best rated residential buildings and so forth. :)
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain

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