Wednesday June 19, 2019
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10Things I Hate About Pixeldam

1- I hate how I'm always trying to come up with block ideas.

2- I hate how I must constantly learn new techniques to get my ideas across.

3- I hate that new hoods are added making my goal to reach the moon longer and longer to achieve.

4- I hate how I must plan and study to make everything fit into the template.

5- I hate having to make my people express emotion, action and expression without facial pixels.

6- I hate having to break up my spaces into smaller self-contained mini scenes.

7- I hate that no matter how hard I try, others add blocks that make mine seem lame.

8- I hate that it takes such a long time to get my block colors to blend into the surroundings in a way that reads real.

9- I hate that I must exercise plenty of patience to express myself.

10- I hate it that I love this place so much.

CitizenTycoon jalonso


Dude!! :lol:

I hate these too!! I hate it! #1 and #7

One for the list:
11- I hate that it takes me so many hours to make something and then #7 accurs
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
HAHAHAHA. These are perfect. Except that #7 doesn't apply to you. You are the one who makes #7 happen to other people. But #1 Definitely.
CitizenBuilder Toshio
LOL, seriously though, for what it's worth, I've checked out your projects and I'd say that you were pretty darn good at 1,2,4 and 9 and as far as 7 goes, I dont think you have to much to worry about there!

PS. I'm new here, so hello everyone!
CitizenBuilder Matski

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