Wednesday August 21, 2019
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Hi everyone! I'm new to this website, and I'd like to know more about Pixel Art, hence my joining. Your work stuns me, and someday I wish I could become as skilled as you guys.
Pixel Art is my favourite form of illustration, and I'm glad that there is such a community as this so I can share my fascination. Pixeldam City is an amazing addition to this website - something no other Pixel Art community has. The work you guys submit is stunning, so I am glad I am now a member so I can rate the pieces of work that stun me. PixelMoon, another, more recent addition, also fascinates me. The hilarious illustrations of Star Wars some people create and submit, and the way the entire project is set out.
Owning an iMac computer proves to be somewhat an inconvenience to me, because not many programs actually are compatible with the operating system. However, thanks to the help of my brother, we have found a program that allows us to easily create Pixel Art. "Pixen", as it is called, is an easy-to-use illustration program, like paint, but with better features. Unfortunately, due to my impatience, I cannot create satisfactory Pixel Art. Well, try and try again! Perhaps I will get it right one day.
It is lovely that such a website has been created. I am looking forward to sharing with you my amazement.

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same here (:<
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