Wednesday August 21, 2019
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hello world

well, my first entry is waiting it's accaptation so i'm a little bit nervous.
it's based on a region in the city i'm living in. i'm planning some more buildings from my city to do, and also some other things^^

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CitizenBuilder colorznatalius


nice building, i relly like the walls :D but i have some comments (there just my opinion u can ignore me as i can be an idiot ;P) the colours arn't bland enough, everything looks very sharp and hard if ur useing paint when selecting colours add more gray. my second comment is the textures are all very buisy, it wouldent hurt to get some bland objects. but remeber i still havent got my building posted yet so if u don't like my comments just ignore them. but all said and done... ITS AWESOME it looks like u took ages makeing it and it is amazeing!!!! ime relly looking 4wrds 2 seeing it in pixeldam. p.s check myne out ive put links in my blog leave comments. ittl help me get better
Tourist Tkail
Hi there,

I have to agree with Tkail about the saturation of the colors and quite heavy patterns you have used.
I would also like to see more this added to the roof. It's very empty this way. Maybe look at some roof pictures on the web to get ideas.

Pls send your project to our email address ( once you are finished (we did not get yours in the mail)
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
okay tanx for the comments^^
i reconstructed the walls so they are more pleasing to look at. the roof i still didn't had an idea for, but my girlfriend did had some, and i made that idea into more so when the results up you'll see^^
CitizenBuilder colorznatalius

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