Wednesday August 21, 2019
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Project Alpha 1 complete

[IMG][/IMG] :D i have finished my third building "Communication Hub Alpha 1" where your average prgogram goes to hang out.

Tourist Tkail


That's a nice project and an interesting style (which I love), looking forward to seeing it actually on the site (PixelDam where are you..? :P) almost as much as I am my own!
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain
I like your block a lot, but certain things could be better.

•The colors should be altered to be more unique and have less of a default palette look.
• more attention to the corner/highlights
• The water in the pool is too simplistic, look at other block for different ways to ilustrate liquids
CitizenTycoon jalonso
Please check your email about the status of your projects.
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam

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