Wednesday August 21, 2019
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my work so far

Tanks to Zi and his awesome idea i have uplaoded my buildings to photobucket and are going to show them to you now. YaY!

They also have discriptions. Enjoy :)

Tourist Tkail


Maybe this works are for Neon Islands... have some nice ideas, but mainly why have walls ? Two works are like inside part ofthe buildings... If you make building with some holes /which you make now on the walls/ than can post this works to see what have inside.

Second main problem is.jpg format I suggest always use.gif format and maybe sometimes can use.png, but throw away.jpg for pixelart!

Have some nice ideas, but generally you use too much that light blue for outlines... Think or read tuts for outlines and lights and think for depth in some parts. Now haven't shadows - they care always nice looks. In PDam lights come from upper right. Have some nice dark reflex, but that make floor to be like glass. This is not badly, but walls are with same colours like floor!

Sorry for my poor english ;)
CitizenBuilderStarGazer zi
ops forgot... don't add new blog for new answer ;)

if somebody want always will be good to read one blog and to see what have there.

Haven't fast answers because many peoples are busy and here have only peoples which like ISO pixels... they aren't so many like dollers, but think all are enough helpful ;)

CitizenBuilderStarGazer zi
thanks for the comments ill put it into action on my next project
Tourist Tkail
I like this idea
CitizenTycoon jalonso

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