Wednesday August 21, 2019
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Bow to the mighty MS Paint

You rarely seen me around, I'm a new-ish member, and I never completed an isometric pixel art project, so no submission from me in here.
I've been checking this website out for a long time now, and it has been a small shock when the entire site design changed. At first, I didn't understand why I couldn't go on Pixelmoon anymore...
Anyway, I never seriously gave a go at pixelart, iso or not, so I figured it would be a good thing to try.
Good thing about pixelart is, I can work with both MS Paint and my crappy mouse, and I have a slight chance of providing "good" art.
Anyway, working with MS Paint is great: I can control everything. 1px 100% opaque brush, no automatic-anti-aliasing-of-d00m.

For those of you who wonder, or simply, for the few of you reading this... I tried to give my current project a style not often seen in pixeldam. Designing a building in iso-art is complicated, but I hope it will fit in here. Thank you.

EDIT: WIP should be posted as soon as the structure is complete enough.

Tourist kuph


I use GameMaker's in-built paint but I imagine MS Paint is pretty good! Looking forward to seeing your completed project soon. :)
CitizenBuilder MasterOfHisOwnDomain
I hope the shock of the site design was a positive one :S

I've really never tried working with MsPaint, as I use photoshop professionally and really am used to working with layers. But, I will try it in a future project.

Good luck with your project. Perhaps you're willing to share a peek or two? You can use this blog to link to W.I.P. imgs B)
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
I often use MS Paint to draw straight lineart, such as buildings, reference lines and so on, since Paint is way faster (at least for me) to draw those things and quickly change colors. What I recommend you is to draw the people and details apart from the scene, then drag them to it. And periodically save steps of progress. This way you can have Photoshop's History and Layers feature in a really raw way, but it sure helps!

The only 2 things MS Paint suck in are not having alpha channel (for transparency) and not being able to select a random color from the drawing and dragging it to the fixed palette, to then pick lighter/darker tones. At least I dont know how hehe

WIP! WIP! WIP! We all wanna see *eyes glow with amusement*
as previously said somewhere, take your time to draw and add life to the scene and submit when you look at it and say (aloud) "whoa. damn, it's good. it's ready. parla!". from personal experience, i submitted my 1st pdam block before that special moment and I regret it, since many improvements could have been made.

btw, Ive also started a new project in a much different style than I usually go for... stay tuned!
SuperuserLandlordStarGazer celinho
WIPs spoil the fun... Don't they?
Anyway, I've been working on it for 12 days and I'm not yet half way through.
Thank you for commenting B)
Tourist kuph
kuph said:WIPs spoil the fun... Don't they?

Going for 'the big reveal' method, are yah? ;)
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
I've always been fond of the big noisy theatrical effects ;)
Tourist kuph
welcome :)
I use photoshop because easy can remove some layers or repair mistakes... I'm not use transparency for shadows because this isn't fun... only in my first works with pixels I use transparency, but than colours go more and some other problems...

I hope to see your project in future - be shure that time and patience and new projects are way to make better pixels :)
CitizenBuilderStarGazer zi
I use Photoshop as you would MSPAINT. Only because of layers and because
I use Macs and we have no MSPaint 8-)
100% opaque pixels always. Transparent layers is a terrible habit.
CitizenTycoon jalonso
i don't think there is anything wrong w/ wips. i don't do them cuz im too lazy but you can get some good critique from others to improve it.
CitizenBuilder Toshio
Hows your progress going?
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam
Well, I haven't been working on it for a while... I had a huge lack of idea. But I recently started working on it again. I think, this time, it's going in the right way.
Tourist kuph

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