Wednesday August 21, 2019
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Colonial v02

Hi there.

After finishing Rackham's Bridge, I decided that maybe it would be interesting to improve my PD blocks. I'm not 100% happy with quite a few - cave people, celomansion, subway station - but I decided to start with one of my favs: Colonial block. Looking at it i felt it lacked a better shading, the roof looked odd and filtered, scaling was weird and, well, architecturally it didn't really look much like a colonial brazilian block.

So, I started redoing it and here is a before-after comparision. It is placed on the old PD map.
I feel it is not already finished, drawing the insides of the houses would be a sweet detail and, well, I appreciate CCs, ideas, critics and so on.

Also, I am not sure if it should be submitted as a new project or if i should replace the old version with this new version, losing all ratings already recieved. Comments on that are also appreciated!

Best regards,


SuperuserLandlordStarGazer celinho


I say always make a new one.
Let your old work stand for it was the best it could be when created.
Its your history its PD history.

Now that we can communicate easier here, I'll tell you a story.
When I first visited PD 2 blocks stood out for me above all others,
one was an Amish barn that remains my favorite PD block, yup #1, the other
was the cave pople you made. If you go to my first the description clearly states that my grocery store does not serve cave people. Yes, you were instrumental in my joining here. Altering your blocks, alters our blocks.

CitizenTycoon jalonso

I remember that veto to cave people in the description from the time the grocery opened, and I also remember I was amazed by how that guy's 1st PD project was so full of details and yet used so little colors.

Well, I agree with you, after all it's Back to the Future rules, by Doc Brown: you mustn't interfere in the past events. So, I'll rethink this block as a completely new thing and not as a redo. BTW, I need to start a project with a limited palette, it's something i have never done before and it would be a huge challenge for me. After all, is what amaze me the most in all your projects (specially chateau noir).
SuperuserLandlordStarGazer celinho
In case it helps. I start by choosing the hood. The I take the sidewalk and just use those colors. When absolutely needed I will add one color at a time and always looking for colors to share. I also find this makes the project fit organically into the hood.
CitizenTycoon jalonso
"I say always make a new one.
Let your old work stand for it was the best it could be when created.
Its your history its PD history."

Agreed - It's easy for my english kekeke - else my first block is one of the first pixel work and need to be repaired but Jal is right !
CitizenBuilderStarGazer zi
I agree with Jalonso too.

If I want to update my old blocks, its purely to repair old sidewalks or fix mistakes. Maybe even limit its color palette.
Reshaping as you did with your block, I would rather see as a new block:
1) the 'old' one kicks ass already and
2) it really has become another building

My 2 cents :)
AdministratorConstructorStarGazer PixelDam

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